What is Thai Massage?

Have you been into a massage parlor performing Thai massage? Have you experienced that incredible feeling of being pampered and knead till your get relaxed and toned? Perhaps you did drive through a massage parlor with a friend and enjoyed what a Thai massage can offer you.

Well, known in Thailand as Nuad Phaen Boran, the Thai massage has long been considered as one of the oldest existing healing modalities on the planet. It is oldest in the sense that its history can be traced back to Buddha’s time, which is more than 2,500 years ago. According to numerous folklores, the Thai Massage was introduced by a Saint and a contemporary of Buddha named Father Doctor Shivago Komarpahj. This man was also the personal physician of Buddha and the physician to the King of India.

Since its introduction, Thai massage has been known throughout the world as a traditional healing approach used to give mankind an incomparable, ultimate experience of the total body. It is Asian in its form and like most of its counterparts, the acupressure and Shiatsu, the Thai massage is commonly identified as a combination of yogic Asanas and stretches.

There is one particular function that the Thai massage is about to perform, that is, to strengthen the physical aspect of the person, and to harmonize the energy in the body that may uplift a new life experience. As a healing approach, the massage is also an interactive manipulation of the body that uses a gentle pressure and passive stretching along the body’s energy lines. The movements involved in this technique generally work to increase or enhance flexibility in the body, stimulate the internal organs, adjust the skeletal structure, balance the energy system of the body, and alleviate any tension on the muscle and joints.

With the movements involved in the practice of Thai massage, it’s no wonder that the effect it leaves to your body and spirit is uniquely relaxing and soothing. It could even be energizing.

Thai massage is usually compared to the traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture. This is perhaps for the reason that the acupuncture works to control the pressure points in the body, which is to some degree the Thai massage is performing. However, there is a big difference between these two healing techniques, and that lies on the fact that on Thai massage has the capability to stimulate the pressure points with a healing touch.

Today, known throughout the world as a unique healing approach, the Thai massage is deemed as a great tool for preventing sickness and any discomfort. It is commonly used for sports, being ideal for the injured athletes and groups of people suffering from handicaps or stress. Perhaps what’s best about this ancient healing approach is that it is highly beneficial for all types of people, whether young or old, active or inactive, healthy or not so healthy. It is for this fact that although every individual responds to the work differently, as some responds in terms of their own experience and current condition, the Thai massage has been used for a number of generations to provide relief or treat the degenerative conditions. Generally speaking, it does nothing but to promote wellness.

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