“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.”

~Napoleon Bonaparte

Classic Massage

This type of massage, also well-known as Swedish full body massage, is one of the most requested ones. It is very popular for a reason – because it is the best way to promote a full-body easement and other long-term benefits, especially for the ones who are beginners at getting massages. Our professional massage therapists at our ‘centre de massage’ will provide you with the supreme relaxation and enjoyment. 

Classic Massage can be gentle and  easy, but also a bit more vigorous and energetic. If you want to, you can consult your Gratiae Spa therapist on how you want it to be, or you can just lay on the spa massage table and fully trust our skilled staff to provide you with the pampering and relaxing massage experience. If this is your first massage ever, this will be the perfect start to get to know the benefits and advantages of providing yourself with this ultimate form of relaxation.

Stress Relief

Are you a busy person trying to find the most efficient way to relieve your stress and recharge for the new assignments? At Gratiae Spa (the best Bruxelles spa) you won’t only release the stress and tension from hectic everyday tempo for that week, but also find a peaceful sanctuary to reconnect and reinvigorate.

Our skilled and gentle staff will perform the best combination of movements on your body to release the muscle tension and leave your body loose, and completely relaxed. Since relaxation in the form of a massage has scientifically proven health benefits, we invite you to leave anxiety and problems at our door and step into the world of serenity. So, if you ask yourself a question ‘”how to treat stress?” our answer is – by getting a heavenly massage at Gratiae Spa.

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Thai Massage

If you are in for a reinvigorating massage which will do wonders for the muscle pain, back pain, etc. – sign up for this amazing massage treatment. Our professional therapists are well-trained to make just the right, yoga-like moves of your body to provide you with the authentic Tai massage experience.

This ancient massaging technique that is Thai massage, firstly done on Buddhist monks, was popularized and brought to the Western world as being an amazing discovery for easing back pain, headaches, and other health issues. Combining acupressure, Ayurveda, and yoga postures, this Thai therapy provides an energy boost and improves your motion range. Our licensed therapists will make sure you leave our rooms invigorated and re-energized. Bringing the best of Asian tradition to our Bruxelles spa is what we do the best. So, sign up for the best Thai massage in Belgium!

Japanese Head & Face

Are you on a search for a massage that improves not only your health but also provides you with the amazing effect of rejuvenation? Then, you found a perfect treat for yourself. This Japanese massage is magical for so many reasons: aside from providing great physical comfort, improving blood circulation, and affecting the overall well-being, a so-called Japanese head spa makes one more surprising result – a non-surgical face lift! This exclusive, luxurious treatment is proven to give a fantastic, rejuvenating effect to our clients since the very first treatment.

Gratiae Spa is one of the rare spa centers to provide this incredible treatment –Shiatsu, a combination of massage scalp and facial massage, which increases the blood flow, stimulates the glands and reduces the so-called ‘bloated look’ of your face. As a result, you get a beautiful, radiant, and toned skin, as well as the ultimate stress relief and relaxation. This excellent massage, done by our certified experts, is a perfect treat for every woman who wants to maintain that radiant complexion and healthy, glowing skin and hair. Pamper yourself with this Japanese massage and observe the visible results.

Hot Stones Massage

As one of the traditional massages, hot stone massage is the one which guarantees some of the numerous health benefits. It is credited to Native Americans, where it originated from, but it continued to modernize and became famous for its obvious benefits. In this unique style massage, we use localized heat of a hot stone combined with the gentle touch to achieve tension release, relax muscles, diminish stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.

If you want to relieve stress, feel more relaxed and get some clear health benefits from it (like improving your immune system, releasing back pain, etc.), try this amazing stone therapy. At Gratiae Spa, we will provide you a unique, pampering experience to improve your well-being. 

Aromatherapy Massage

If you are searching for a therapy session to heal your body and mind, this relaxing aromatherapy massage is all you need. A slow, relaxing massage will help you unwind, and our best quality essential oils added to a perfect blend is going to add an intoxicating scent to the room, which can help you calm down, re-energize, uplift, or so – depending on your needs. This aroma spa is the best for you if you feel sore, stressed, or if you are just in for an amazing aromatherapy session to cater to your senses. With our premium-quality Gratiae Spa cosmetic products and essential oils, as well as the most friendly personnel, you will be provided with the ultimate enjoyment and be set to a wonderful rest of the day.

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