Enjoy the most perfect manucure pedicure experience provided by our skilled staff. We give you the pampering experience with a beautiful finished look!

Treating oneself to a beautiful manicure and pedicure is what most ladies enjoy. There is nothing that says “elegant” and “well put together” more than carefully treated hands and nails. Let your hands speak on your behalf and mean that you take care of yourself – leave it to our professional staff at Gratiae Spa, the best in Bruxelles.



Manicure (or manucure in French) is one of the standard treatments for the ones who want to maintain the health and the beauty of their hands and nails. According to some experts, manicures date back to almost 5000 years ago. Both women and men want to keep their hands and nails looking neat, and especially women love treating their nails with a touch of attractive color on them, which can round up their whole look.

There is nothing better to do for pampering your hands and nails then reaching out to our trained personnel. Our girls will perform the full-on indulging treatment for your hands, including the soaking, hand massage, moisturizing, as well as leaving your fingernails in perfect shape. Depending on your choice for styling up your nails (and our staff’s recommendations, if you want some), you can get anything you want – from a clean and simple yet chic French manicure to some juicy, vampy, or classic pop of color.

Our nail salon is a part of our exclusive Gratiae spa offer. We will always provide you with the top quality service and products, to make you feel relaxed and beautiful. And who said women only take care of their hands? Our lovely gentlemen are also welcome to get some great manicure for neat-looking hands and nails since we know they also like to leave a great impression with a beautiful look. You are all more than welcome to visit us, and we guarantee the top service for your hands and nails.

Ongle en gel (nail gel)

Application of a nail gel (or in French, ongle en gel) is one of the most popular practices in every modern nail salon on earth. Many of nowadays’ clients want to improve the overall appearance of their nails, especially if their natural nail plate is very thin, easily breakable, or tough to handle in any other way. There are so many variations of the so-called nail gel to choose from: hard and soft gel, gel polish (gel manucure), you name it. We got it all covered at Gratiae spa! You can choose whichever technique you prefer and whichever style you want to go for – from a more subdued, elegant nail, to an edgy, long, claw-looking nail. Our customers’ satisfaction is all that counts, and professionalism and top-quality service are what they always get from us.

Not to forget to mention, there is always a popular misconception about how “damaging” nail gel is for one’s nails – to clear that out, an ongle en gel isn’t going to ruin anyone’s nails – an unprofessional and untrained nail salon technician is. Professionally done gel nails result in a beautiful look!

One more technique – which is not a nail gel method but is equally famous – is acrylic. It is made by mixing a liquid and powder for diamond-hard nails if the clients want some dazzling effects and more extravagant looks.

All of the techniques mentioned above are made to improve the overall look of your nails, depending on what you want – whether it’s just the overall protection of your natural nails or building some length to them if you cannot do it naturally (the so-called faux ongles). Whatever the case is, after our manicure, you will be beyond satisfied.

Nail art

Are you into trying something more than a simple nail color on your freshly manicured and pedicured nails? In that case, nail art is what you should opt for. This attractive technique has been popular for so long. Each year there are some new, exciting styles of nail art coming to life. As a part of manicure, nail art came from ancient China and enchanted the ladies all over the world. At one point, everybody wants creatively decorated and painted nails.

Our highly skilled technicians can make small works of art on your nails. Nail art can be done by only using nail polishes, but there are many other techniques like marble, chrome powder, acrylic nail art, 3D nails, and so much more.


Last but not least to mention is, definitely, a little pampering miracle which gives a full circle to your overall beautifying treatment – her majesty, pedicure. This treatment, aside from its obvious aesthetic benefits, has the most indulging spa and wellness effect. It also provides the health benefits for the toes and toenails.

As well as for your hands, our trained staff will give their undivided attention to your feet and toenails to make them beautiful, soft and supple. The beautifully pedicured toenails will be the cherry on top of the overall treatment, which includes soaking, exfoliating, foot massage, cuticle removal, shaping the nails, and finally – painting them (or even performing the gel technique and/or nail art).

Most women and men, aside from wanting to have perfectly pedicured feet for summer, want to have their feet taken care of by us throughout the whole year – not only because of the looks but also because of the perfect service we provide here at Gratiae spa. Our clients get the best service in Brussels – not only that our technicians have a lot of skill, but our clientele feels comfortable through the whole process. You will feel comfortable, pampered, and surrounded by polite staff, always welcoming you with a huge smile.

When you are in Brussels/Bruxelles and typing “nail salon near me” on your phone or PC, our name will pop out on the screen. We guarantee the most caring service and a beautiful outcome – you will surely revisit us. The best mani pedi in town is in our spa center, so treat yourself to this incredible experience and have your nails always perfectly done. Our staff is well-trained to provide you with the best service, but also to give you the useful advice about your nail and skincare. Visit us, and you will never search for anything else!

Enjoy the most perfect manucure pedicure experience provided by our skilled staff. We give you the pampering experience with a beautiful finished look!

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