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Want Perfect, Yet Natural Look? Opt For Permanent Makeup!

Want Perfect, Yet Natural Look? Opt For Permanent Makeup! Makeup originates from the very beginnings of our civilization and has always been one of the ultimate beautifying ‘tools’ for both men and women. Makeup makes us look put-together, more confident and can perfectly enhance our natural features. People have been playing with makeup and its transforming powers within decades and even centuries. Therefore, we’ve gone through many trends in its application, especially in the 20 th century. Permanent make up (or permanente make up in French) is, though, a new trend and its popularity is increasing because of how practical it is.

At Spa Bruxelles, aside from a number of beautifying treatments, our clients can treat themselves with a professional treatment of permanent make up application. These procedures make your everyday life easier. Having fuller, natural-looking eyebrows or a perfect pout can save your time doing your makeup and help you look perfect every single day. Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading Eyebrows – For a Perfect Brow!

Filling in your brows with brow products every day can be time consuming and exhausting. If you want fuller brows without having to fill them in by yourself every day, a microblading technique is a perfect solution for you.

When people think of permanent eyebrow makeup, they think of the so-called ‘eyebrow tattoo.’ Our technique is much more refined. The secret of this cutting-edge technology is making thin, hair-like strokes, to achieve a realistic, most natural look of your brows. You can be sure in the quality and safety of the pigments we use. Our technicians use sterilized machines and products, and will also make sure to have a consultation with you before the appointment.

Microblading prices at Spa Bruxelles are very affordable, given the quality that we always insist on. Also, the procedure will be tailored to your needs, wishes, and the unique shape of your eyebrows. The result will be a natural look which won’t wash off at the end of the day!

Contact our skilled cosmetologists for any questions or doubts you have about microblading – we will be happy to help you on your way to a perfect look.

What Are ‘Lip Tattoo’ And ‘Permanent Liner?’

Same as the microblading eyebrow make up, this technique will give you a perfect pout without re-applying your lipstick over and over again. Our well-trained beauticians can change the shape or the color of your lips but still maintain the natural look, yet with enhanced features.

With this micropigmentation technique, you can also opt for permanent eyeliner – whether you want a subtle touch of color to add a bit of pigment to your lash line or want to go for a more noticeable line. Our trained professionals will do all the necessary consultations and check-ups before the desired procedure.

It’s never been easier and more accessible to have the desired, glamorous look. Get in the hands of the professionals and make your everyday makeup routine easier and quicker by enhancing your beauty with our permanent makeup!

For perfect permanent make up and microblading techniques, choose professionals. Call us and get the desired look – your finest beauticians! +32 2 502 53 48.

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