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Massage Spa Bruxelles – GRATiAE

We all sometimes need an “escape from reality” and an excellent, tranquilizing massage to make us feel like new. If you are searching for the “Galerie royal” in our beautiful city, Gratiae spa is what you need.

With deciding to bring the most relaxing environment to the European capital three years ago, we wanted to make it a premium experience for our clientele, by offering them the best spa in Brussels Belgium. You can find your place of comfort and relaxation in our luxurious environment, situated in the very center of Brussels (Galerie du Roi 4). 

In our rich assortment of Gratiae cosmetics brand, which is organic and exclusive to our spa center, we offer the premium spa services. You can find out more about the Gratiae cosmetics at http://www.gratiaecosmetics.com/en. With the combination of this top-quality beauty care brand and our professional staff, you will leave our facilities rejuvenated, re-energized, and richer for the amazing experience – and surely come back for more. You searched for the everyday “Brussels spa” and found the oasis for regaining your inner peace and outer freshness and beauty. 

Gratiae spa Brussels was founded in 2014, as a result of our wish to cater to our clients in the best possible way – by offering them a premium massage and overall spa experience in the heart of Brussels. Our personnel consists of professional masseurs and beauty experts who will provide you with many kinds of satisfying and beneficial face and body treatments, as well as massages.

Spa Services

As it was scientifically proven, spa therapy has a variety of benefits for your body, but your mind as well. Various beauty treatments can have amazing effects, such as getting rid of toxins in our body, releasing serotonin (which is vital for our good mood, sleep, etc.) and bringing back the natural glow to our skin.

At Gratiae Spa (the best spa Bruxelles can offer), we want to make you feel relaxed and renewed after our treatments. We offer numerous spa treatments of amazing quality for a competitive price (which is rare to have affordable prices at spa hotels in Brussels). Our spa treatments will restore the suppleness and radiance back to your skin, as well as relax your body in the best possible way. For all our treatments we use the high-quality, organic beauty products for a healthy, radiant complexion.

Our well-trained staff will provide you with the best massage to help you unwind and give you a much-needed break from the stressful daily life. It will re-energize you and reduce the overall body tension from hard work and tough daily routine.

Aside from massage, we can provide you with the rejuvenating facials spa experience. Our facial treatments are meant to bring back the healthy glow and youthfulness, to leave your skin supple and soft. Our beauty treatments will have the ultimate pampering effect, as well as the obvious positive results. If you settle for nothing but the best, you should step into our magical world of new technologies combined with ancient traditions. We will give you the most invigorating spa experience and premium skin care wrapped into a relaxing delight for the senses.

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Massage Services

For the desk workers, the ones with sore muscles, or just to the people who need an occasional escape from everyday rush, a massage is the most beneficial treatment you can invest in. The ones who often get massages invest in their overall health and wellbeing. It is said that a touch treatment like massage, in the environment that is safe, with professional and friendly staff, can have an incredible, therapeutic effect on us.

If you think “I would love to find a spa salon near me to treat myself to a great massage,” you are at the right place. At Gratiae, we offer a variety of different massages to soothe, relax, rejuvenate, and relieve stress. With the combination of enchanting essential oils, professional techniques and soothing and comfortable, yet pampering and luxurious environment, you will enjoy the most relaxing experience that may quickly become a monthly or weekly routine. We make sure our clients always feel comfortable and happy, so they come back for more.

Whether you are in for a Classic Massage, Thai, Aromatherapy massage or any other that we offer, we guarantee you will walk out our door completely relaxed, rejuvenated, feeling completely ready for everyday challenges. Treat yourself to the best spa in Brussels/Bruxelles Belgium and discover your oasis of relaxation in the city center.

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Bruxelles / Brussels

Brussels is the Belgium’s capital, but also its biggest city. It is declared as the unofficial so-called European capital, as well as the Flanders. This city will amaze you with the contrasts of old, gothic, and new, modern architecture, packed bars and clubs, fantastic food, and narrow streets with a lot of soul.

Among so many gorgeous sightseeing spots, it is important to mention some like the central square Grand Place, with the amazing “flower carpet,” which is one of the elements that makes it one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Also, Brussels/Bruxelles is famous for its numerous museums, where you can find anything to suit your taste, whether it’s chocolate, art, modern architecture – the choice is never ending. Not to forget the famous Palais Royal, Palais de Justice, the beautiful Gothic cathedrals, and churches…

In contrast to all the grand Gothic architecture, there is one of the most visited sightseeing spots – the Atomium, steel-aluminum wonder-building, built for the World Expo in 1958. Also, there is an abundance of well-maintained, beautiful parks in Brussels. Each park has fountains, statues, beautiful greenery, and jogging/walking tracks.

Also, one of the Belgian signature features is the chocolate, which you can buy of the best quality in Brussels. It is about time to visit and enjoy one of the most beautiful European cities that has much to offer.

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